Brother Juniper, Servant of God, is known for his simplicity and generosity. St. Francis himself once said of him, "Would to God, my brothers, I had a whole forest of such Junipers!" Brother Juniper had such great compassion for the poor that he often gave the clothes off his back to any in need. Concerned about the brother's frequently missing habit, his superior laid an obedience upon him not to give any part of it away. A few days later, a poor man asked Brother Juniper for alms. Brother Juniper replied, "I have nothing which I could give you but my tunic, and my superior has laid me under obedience not to give it, nor any part of my habit, to anyone. But if you take it off my back I will not resist you."


In the spirit of this generous friar, Brother Juniper Share provides clothing and household items to friends in need.

You can help us to keep the spirit of Brother Juniper’s generosity alive by donating any of the following items:

  • Clothing (including socks and underwear!)

  • Furniture

  • Tents

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash

  • Laundry soap and dryer sheets

The donated clothing and furniture will then be forwarded to our friends at the Sophie Moses Free store that is located inside YSS in Wheeling. This store (in which everything is free) helps many of our local low/no-income friends secure clothing and other necessary items all year round.

Tents will go to House of Hagar Catholic Worker, where they will be provided to our house-less friends in the community that need some immediate shelter from the elements.

The cleaning supplies will be provided to those people who are transitioning from tent life outdoors to more sustainable housing.

Brother Juniper’s Share also helps connect those in need with a place to shower and do laundry.

Donations can be left at House of Hagar Catholic worker, located at 114 14th Street in Wheeling, WV.