House of Hagar Catholic Worker

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We are an Intentional Living Community, located in Wheeling, WV, dedicated to the Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy, the 7 Catholic Social Teachings, & Urban Farming in our area.


What is the history of The House Of Hagar ?

The House of Hagar Catholic Worker Community and our first hospitality house began in 2012. Unity and Community were foundational aspects of the HoH. All Catholic Worker houses are begun on the premises of creating places "where it is easier to be good" as our founder's Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin would say. It is also a place to learn, live and strive to engage in the practices of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and the 7 Catholic Social Teachings of the Church. 

The Catholic Worker movement itself began in the 1930's and much more information can be found at

 Our first house was in Warwood, a suburb of Wheeling. However, in 2014 we moved into our current pre-civil war built house in urban East Wheeling and feel we are truly in the neighborhood we have been called to serve and love. East Wheeling is a place rich in history, diversity and dreams and it is an honor to journey with so many here.

One does not have to live in the HoH house to be part of our House of Hagar Catholic Worker community or the Catholic Worker movement in general ..nor does one have to be Catholic. There are many ways to be involved, just ask!