What is The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground?

Designed by kids, for kids, and under the Leadership of kids, The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground is a decked out, kid painted, bright yellow box truck equipped with items like hula-hoops, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, bubbles, yoga mats, chalk, frisbee golf, kickball, kites, pogo balls, corn hole, hacky sacks, water squirters, life size pick-up-sticks, imaginative play, and creative STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Art, Math) items, safety cones and energetic dance music to keep everyone movin' and groovin'. Plus more items as kids dream them up. :)

The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground is overseen (along with HoH Share, inc.) by a Youth Board called the Never Bored and has FREE 2 hour play stops in ‘at risk’, low income neighborhoods and schools, as well as, at non-profit organizations events and fundraisers.

What is the Never Bored Board?

From the moment the original group of children came up with the idea of The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground, they have insisted on youth maintaining lead roles. When they learned about HoH Share, Inc.’s Board, they wanted their own. However, one little girl only hearing the name questioned why it was called a “bored” meeting if The Fun-Raiser was suppose to raise fun! So they named themselves, “The Never Bored Board.”  They quickly expanded their invitation to their inclusive Board and began asking kids from neighborhoods where they wanted to have Play Stops to join. However, any child is welcome and encouraged to join.

While the Program Facilitator sits quietly available in the background, the children are in charge of their meeting agenda, guest invites, and meeting structure. Their meetings are amazingly accomplished for the amount of fun that is also had at them. Given the space and permission to dream, these kids are up to incredible things.

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The story of a group of children in Wheeling, WV who create The Fun-Raiser, an urban mobile playground and their first public event, The Voice-Raiser.