“The world will be saved by beauty.”

- as Servant of God, Dorothy Day would say.


Art Share


Art Share is a program that fosters beauty through creating art and through the relationships developed while doing community art projects with others. Often in low income and house-less communities we see amazing artistic ability. There is, however, a lack of art supplies and encouragement. These special gifts and the healing it brings can go unvalued.

Art Share provides a space for:

  • Art teachers to teach free classes or share their own art.

  • Faith groups and others to collect art supplies for those in need.

  • Folks to develop new friendships through creating art with our marginalized and vulnerable community members.

  • Fostering community art projects around the neighborhood.

  • Expressing one’s soul, while also providing a medium to give voice to the voiceless.

  • A way for low or no income community members to earn pocket money, by providing a forum for their works to be sold, such as tent space at art festivals.

  • Dignity of work

  • Call to family, community, and participation


Frequently, those in need of charity or community care are undervalued for their ability to give as well. Community art projects are gifts to our communities at large and give opportunities to remember one’s inherent value in being part of God’s great creation.